About me

  • Ghostown Custom Knives
  • “Unique and personal works of functional hand made art”


  • Ghostown Custom Knives has offered a truly personal dynamic to the custom knife world for over 40 years, started by my father “Ghostown” Gary Gudnason officially in the early 80,s  he had been making knives  since his first  knife a “Kris” style dagger made  while serving in the US Navy in 1957-58.


  • he took jewelers classes after the service  and went onto work many odd jobs (school bus driver, lapidary instructor, roofer) before he was able to go full time and support his family with his art for many years to come .


  • I have worked on and off with my father(as well as many other knife makers and artists) for many years but only in the last three years or so have I been able to go full time for myself and eventually (in 2012) take over production of Ghostown knives full time.


  • Currently I work about 18-20 hours a day in a shop built into my garage to feed my family and keep the legacy and spirit of my fathers lifelong calling alive and well, putting as many custom orders out as I can for a constantly inventive and consistently challenging clientele.

  • EVERY piece I put out is 1 of 1





I specialize in custom designed hand cut and engraved silver, gold, copper and brass and nickel artwork, and I can cut just about any design you can dream up from silver.

the page below is just a small representation of the designs I can cut and the materials I use:


lapidary stone inlay(almost any mineral, stone, fossil, crystal or material ,527023_129817063870545_445520571_n


custom tooling, checkering, serrations, scalloping, jimping ,64460_100140560171529_1063412908_n


custom Jewelry and accessories






and custom Leather and Kydex work




and much more


IMG_20130824_114250IMG_20130411_221049IMG_20130303_170043247796_142284702623781_109055377_nIMG_0008 IMG_0028IMG_0016IMG_0027IMG_20130426_150850IMG_20130422_143419IMG_20130422_143432

I also   make and have made many different styles of hand forged survival and tactical knives,, and every other kind of knife under the sun as a lifetime weapon lover/ maker/collector I have worked with many fantastic artists and craftsman over the years, and bring that dynamic experience to every project.
whatever you need, whatever you are into, I can make a custom tool to fit the job.
All my work is SOLID and carries a full lifetime guarantee,
from my  hand  made blades to my custom silver and stone inlay(which is strong enough to use for grips on anything up to 45 acp or 38 special handgun) to my leather holsters and sheaths, Everything I make will be made to last.

I am building the website and Facebook  as fast as I can manage on lunch breaks.

the best way to reach me is  via email  at: GhostownCustomKnives@gmail.com